Invented Poetry Forms – The Two-by-Four — Paul’s Poetry Playground

The two-by-four is a rather quirky eight-word poetic form invented by the American poet and book publisher Lee Ann Brown, which I originally discovered on pages 100 and 101 of her first book of poetry “Polyverse” published in 1999. As its name indicates, the form consists of four lines of two words apiece, and may […] […]

Weekend Blogger — steffwordpress

I’m only going to be able to blog on the weekends. I have a demanding schedule this semester. I just wanted to let all my followers know, because I usually post something every other day. Thank you for following my blogs, and I hope you continue to enjoy them. via Weekend Blogger — steffwordpress

NO FEE/THEMED submission call + editor interview – Piano Microstories/Fabrizio Paterlini, DEADLINE: Sept. 15, 2019 — Trish Hopkinson Piano Microstories is a unique collaborative project calling for poems and photography inspired by pianist and composer Fabrizio Paterlini. I love seeing different art forms combined and this truly looks amazing. I wanted to know more about this project, so I interviewed editor Ravinder Surah to learn more. See my interview with Surah and […]

Where to Submit in June – Aug 2019 by Entropy (filtered for poetry & no fee!)–the list of all lists! — Trish Hopkinson

Entropy is a “website featuring literary & non-literary content. A website that seeks to engage with the literary community, that becomes its own community, and creates a space for literary & non-literary ideas.” They recently posted an article on where to submit June through August. Click here to read the complete article. I’ve filtered the […]