Poetry Inspiration Based on the Runestones

Fehu: Topics – poverty, materialism, Vikings, driving, mythology, sacrifice, justice. Imagery – cattle, Audumbla the Cow. Uriz: Topics – courage, abuse, self-esteem, stress. Imagery – dinosaurs, cattle, cow-like beasts with crescent horns, bronze. Emotion – fear, anger. Thurisaz: fairies, castles, Asgard, monsters, storms, secrets. Imagery – frost, lightning, whirlwinds, the thorn tree, dark, shadows. Emotion […]

Poetry Inspiration Based on Your Birthstone

January: Garnet. Topics – friendship, Russia, Africa, nightmares, travel, accidents, magic. Imagery – rainbow, fiery orange, green, pink, purple, brown. Emotion – fear. February: Amethyst. Topics: Italy, religion, alcoholism. Imagery – yellow, white, purple, red. March: Aquamarine. Topics – youth, health, hope, spring, summer, weddings. Imagery: blue, the ocean, seawater, the sky. April: Diamond. Topics […]

Are You At a Loss For Words? Here a 300 Words, and Phrases To Help Spark Your Imagination — The Idea Factory

Balmy Earthy Rotten Fishy Musty Sharp Moldy Pungent Sickly Mildewed Oily burnt Raw Bitter Spongy Mushy Fuzzy Slippery Rubbery Wet Steamy Fleshy Sticky Rasp Mute Whisper Stutter Screech Stammer Snort Rotate Collapse Streak Absorb Spiral Glow Black hole Goblet Souvenir Scroll Spool Pendulum Passage Catacomb Stagger Droop Slink Sway Slouch Stalk Domed Rotund Lumpy Starred […] […]

Potion Poetry

Pretend your a wizard. These words are ingredients for a spell. Mix them together. Balmy scalloped salmon Earthy swollen coral Rotten domed mustard Fishy flat rose Musty lumpy raspberry Spoiled triangular ruby Moldy top-heavy strawberry Sickly broken buttercup Mildewed chubby orange Oily pendulous sky Fruity shattered peacock Buttery tufted walnut Burnt round almond Spongy scalloped […]